About Master Ian
Master Ian first entered the world of BDSM in his early 30’s as a result of an interesting and entertaining conversations with a Domme named Silk. He then, like with all things in his life, went and did a large amount of research to build a foundational understanding of the world He wanted to be part of. It was clear to Him almost instantaneously that He was a Master and that being a Master was the answer to what had been missing from His life.
However, He also knew that He needed to walk a mile in the shoes of a sub before He went and built His empire. To this day, He is so thankful for this choice, as it is a decision that resonates through almost every action He takes. Through that experience He learnt so much about being a Master especially about those things that were not written in the books He read. He learnt the value and need to nurture and lovingly treat slaves, He learnt the intrinsic need and bliss that came from sub space, why slaves make the choice to be a slave and that submitting was harder than I had ever imagined. Maybe even harder than being a Master. 
Since then He has continued to follow his own path. His path is indeed his own and one, which does not see slaves as, objects (unless this is their desire). It instead sees those he owns as loving and precious and that it his role and responsibility to push them to be the best version of themselves he can. 
On a non BDSM note:

Ian is a bit of playful spirit, happy to throw cups of flour over those he loves while they shower and squirt water on others.  Alternatively on those cold mornings when the bed is so very very comfortable a glass of water is always a wonderful choice.

He is a bit of a nerd and while he does not know everything he tries really hard to know more than he did yesterday, pushing both his intellect and emotions to grow and expand. His favorite quotes are "you are the same tomorrow as you were yesterday, apart from the books you read and the people you associate with".

Hi like Iansworld is based on the mantra/motto.

"Be true to yourself no matter the cost".