How IansWorld Began
They say that it is not in the beginning of a story that the mood is set but in how the story ends that the real message can be found.  The same is true with IansWorld.

I did not wake up one morning and yawn gracefully and think to myself.  hmmm What crazy thing will i do today.  Instead IansWorld has grown like I have.  IansWorld is not me.  It is an ideaology and a belief system.  I don't mean like a religion or a cult more like a monk and his views.

IansWorld started because one day I took a chance and shared a thought with someone I loved.  I was lucky, my thought was not mocked and ridiculed it was respected and valued.  It is out of that beginning that all things make sense.  I like many people in the world can relate to the idea that the world is going to beat you and hit you when ever it gets a chance.

So I started to make a home where the world was not welcome.  It would be a place where the world would be redefined.  Selfishness and greed are not welcome and honesty and respect are what is valued.

IansWorld is not heaven, some would say that it is anything but.  I know when people arrive at IansWorld it is hard. Really hard.  Adjusting to a world where you are required to be open and vulnerable is a big ask and can be very confronting.

But back to why IansWorld exists.  I had the joy of experiencing a shunning when i was younger.  I was excluded and rejected from the place that I found to be the happiest and most loving place I had ever been.  The shunning taught me what conditional acceptance looks like and how it can damage and wound.  After that I started trying to not be someone like that.  I vowed that i would be to others what I had wanted more than anything.

So there you go.  That is what got IansWorld from nothing to something.  Where will it end?  Well for tax purposes a Iansworld religion would be handy.  But seriously IansWorld is exactly that it is a place where Ians reality is valued and treasured and where  the reality of the outside world is kept at arms length.