Frequesntly Asked Questions
Q Are you guys swingers? 
A No. We are a closed fluid family 
Q Can anyone join Ians World? 
A Yes and No. Anyone can apply, only few are successful. 
Q Are you guys for real? 
A We are a genuine and real family. We are happy to participate in group chats online or on facetime and skype to verify that we are all real :) 
Q How does it all work? 
A It can be an exciting and fun experience at times while at other it is a little stressful. The House manual provides some guidelines on how things piece together. 
Q Is there many fights or disputes between the subs/slaves etc? 
A To date there has been zero conflict between the subs and slaves. The conflict in only between Master Ian and his family as he assists them in embracing his world views and values. 
Q Are you a cult? 
A I used to think that maybe we were because everyone needs to embrace Iansworld views and values. However, I have recently been made aware that because everyone is free to leave at any point in time and no pressure is applied to get people to stay who dont want to, Iansworld is not a cult. That said if i was to be told it was I would not be surprised or offended. Iansworld is about a world view it has its own ideology aud it has its own rules and language. 
Q What is Ians World view and values? 
A Be true to yourself no matter the cost, words have power and you will be held accountable in the house for all the worlds you speak and how you express them. Obviously there is a lot more, but those two cover a lot.  
Q Is Master Ian a misogynist? 
A No, he thinks he is better than all mankind but all mankind is equal beneath him. 
Q How many members is Iansworld aiming to have? 
A Iansworld is an ever changing and progressing place. the size will only be limited by the number of people who want to join and Master Ian's ability to manage and meet the needs of those in his care. I am realistic that I am going to make mistakes and that sucks because as Iansworld grows so do I. I found a piece of writing I once wrote saying i could never imagine a world where i have 3 slaves. Now 3 is a stepping stone to 12. 
Q What is Master Ian's biggest fault? 
A Look at the journals and come to your own conclusions :) 
Q Why did you change your family name from Hoopers Hollow to Iansworld? 
A Hoopers Hollow sounded good at the time and it reflected the idea of a small group and the vision has now change. It id about the world not a small group. 
Q What is the main reason you reject people from joining Iansworld? 
A Because they are dicks. Okay fine that needs some explaining. They are idiots who are obsessed with sex and orgies. Iansworld is a place of growth and self discovery while being bound by the ethos and structure of BDSM. 
Q How often do you have sex parties? 
A You're an idiot. Sex parties are when you don't know everyone. Its an orgy if you know the people. 
Q How do you manage to satisfy all the sexual desires of your slaves? 
A I dont, they have each other for that, they exist for my pleasure and that pleasure is given when and if i choose. 
Q Is there ever a time when you don't have sex with members of the house?  
A Yes, for sexual denial training, but also when someone joins they often will not be having sex with me for a while. I don't do well at fucking for the sake of fucking. To be exact its not my thing at all. I connect with the person and true to unite with their souls. If i don't like the character that is being displayed i will not connect with that person. A lot of slaves are emotionally damaged and broken and i have no desire to add to that. When they are ready then and only then will we connect. Of course if she is a perfect 10 i might make an exception lol. 
Q How would you describe your sense of humour? 
A I tell a joke, you laugh. 
Q What is the most severe punishment you have given a member of the house? 
A "I am disappointed in you and I am not able to be with you, go sleep in the other room" 
Q Do you use pain as a punishment? 
A Yes 
Q Do you use pain as a reward? 
A Yes 
Q What is the purpose of pain to you? 
A It is a tool, i use it as the moment requires. 
Q Have you ever broken a slave? 
A Yes, in the very beginning of my journey and since then i vowed i would never do it again. If you are moving into Iansworld expecting me to break you and rebuild you into what i desire, i am not the master for you. I will push you the the very edge, to the point where brokenness seems the only option and at that point i will ask you, will you serve me. At that point you will choose, but i will never take that choice away. 
Q Do you fear that someone will exploit you and use you? 
A No, not because i don't think it might happen. Every person has choices and if someone chooses to exploit me then that is a choice i will respect. I won't enjoy it, but i sure as hell am not going to fear it. I will be hurt. It is a fact, i love, deeply love those who are apart of Iansworld and when it is time for them to move on with their lives I will help them every step of the way towards the future they desire, every step of the way crying in pain inside. this is what being a Master at Iansworld is. 
Q What is your biggest fear? 
A That i will never have Lash. If you don't know what this means that is fine because only a very very few people know who she is and what she represents. 
Q What is Master Ian's grand goal or plan? 
A Brain: We must prepare for tomorrow night. 
Pinky: Why? What are we going to do tomorrow night? 
Brain: The same thing we do every night, Pinky - try to take over the world!