If you can not see the forest from the trees, get a chainsaw and make a timber mill. 
Life is only about the journey when you do not focus on where you are going.  
If your world views mean that there is an absolute right and wrong, you are not looking at the world you live in. 
Hope might be the power that drives the lives of people, but despair is what kills them. 
It is through the embracing the meaningless of life that one is able to find true meaning. 
Stop being so fucking selfish. Do not do unto others as they should do unto you, treat others with respect & honor.  
If you do not own your heart, nothing you buy will make you happy 
Relationships are like jewelry it is the sentimentality that makes them valuable, not the price tag. 
Wether god is real or not, believing he is not will always give you a more rewarding life. 
What are you doing now? Seriously. What ever it is, stop it. Stop doing and start being. You are a human BEING. 
Judging others is like looking at the stars and deciding which ones are good & which are bad. Totally fucking pointless, destroys both the view and the experience. 
If you are always in someones shadow, enjoy the shade, because the light is painful and bright. 
When life gives you lemons, do not make lemon juice. Say thank you it could have given you death.