In order to help people get a clearer and more broader sense of who I am here are some pearls of wisdom and random thoughts i have had over the last year, taken from my twitter account. 
Being true 2 ur inner/true self is like exercise. Sounds easy but everyday it is a struggle & hardest when needed most 

Life the process of moving every day closer to your death, while stopping to smell and experience all along the way. 
Every day u decide wht from yesterday u will bring into today. Create a new u by leaving past were it belongs #inthepast 
Feminism is lyk all social issues . ezily 4gotten except by those effected by them. Equity & equality r 4 all not just u 
It is not what u carry 2 the grave that determines ur value. It is who loves u along the way, this shows ur true worth 
Moving forward to hide from anything is as wise as hiding chocolates under the bed. Easily forgotten but oh what a mess 
Death is not a dreaded end to living. It is the inspiration to embrace everyday and to never look back. 
Self care is like a shower. U do it everyday, not when people mention you might need to. #iansfortunecookies ps if ppl c u need 2 u hv issue 
Poverty is not a state of mind it's a state of social exclusion 
Pain empowers us to change, regret disempowers us. Turn into your pain and grow. Reject your regret and flourish 
Embracing difference is like hugging a porcupine. Hurts until u learn how 
The greatest freedom, is freedom from our own self judgement