Welcome to IansWorld

It is always fun writing a website to discribe who you are and what you believe. Iansworld is a silly name to describe the family/household/group that lives under my direction. some are slaves, others switches and unknowns. Of course they might be completely different today then when I wrote this, because I like people around me to grow. This can be education, psychologically or in kink and sexuality. why? beccause I am a that kind of guy :) no seriously thats just me I cope with life by helping people and and building a household around me.

Am I a Master/Dom/Daddy or what ever title that you think is a way of describing your deired person? Yes is the answer. I am a very unique person that looks at life differently to most. From a sex drive point of view I am your normal kinda guy 3 to 5 times a week is what I like. So how do I survive with 4 partners? that is a damn good question, and one that is answered by saying everyone in my household is happy with the life they and we work together to ensure everyones needs are meet.

So what is this site about well across the top is a couple of drop down menus allowing you to look around. The house manual is a wiki so you can search and work your way through it if you like. You can message me from this page or you can do it by applying or what ever way that suits you. Is this site perfect? not even close but everyone needs to start smewhere and this is where I decided to start. Why is this page so casual in how it is worded because this is a 24/7 house and never am I ever any different, some days a little more tired, but I am a casual guy that provides structure to those who need it and space and support to those who are growing.

Ian I am a male is there a place for me in Iansworld? Yes
Ian I am a MtF preop woman is there a place for me? Yes
Ian why do you not call yourself Sir? because that is the name that those who like to be mine call me, the rest call me Ian. You are not giving up my name if you have never used it :)
Ian what do you do, I do a little day trading and I study at university, I have completed a degree in counselling, and will finsih my second degree end of 2018, then I am doing my homours, masters and then phd. I am working towards being an academic. Ian do you have photos of the people in Iansworld to prove you are real? Nope and I dont mind if you believe me or if you write little messages about my dillusions. We will both prove we are real when the time is right. But if looks are important to you we are all incredibly ugly and you need to move on because if you want to know how we look before you decide if we are worth getting to know, you are not suited to Iansworld :)